Earth Angel Herbals makes a variety of herbal bath, relaxation, and playful products. Details and prices are listed with the products below. To order call (802) 380-3304.

    Bath Salts                                                                        $10
        Treat yourself to a relaxing herbal salt bath. Made with Epsom salt, lavender flowers, and lavender essential oils

    Dream Pillows                                                                $16
        Put on or under your pillow to bring relaxing sleep and enhance dreaming. Pillows are filled with mugwort, lavender, and a variety of seeds. Pillows are refillable and washable.

     Eye Pillows                                                                     $16
        Place over your eyes to help relax and ease headaches. Great for final  yoga relaxation pose. Many mamas have used these eye pillows to relax during labor.  Pillows are filled with chamomile, lavender, and a variety of seeds.

      Healing Angels                                                            $20
       These little angel dolls have wings filled with relaxing and healing herbs. They also come with a scroll of the hebrew archangel prayer. Place them by the bed, the office, or anywhere else supportive, healing energy is needed. Makes a great get-well gift.

     Fairy Dust Oil                                          1/2 oz jar    $5 
       Rub some fairy dust on to add fun glitter and shine from our little folk friends. Purple or golden orange dust is infused in olive oil and scented with essential oil of lavender

     Herbal Smoking Blend                                               $7
       This smoking blend is great alone or mixed with your favorite tobacco. Contains coltsfoot, mugwort, sage, mullein, and comfrey.

The lavender bath salts make a relaxing bath even better

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