Buy a share in our herbal CSA to receive a basket of products to keep you healthy... while supporting sustainable, local business and agriculture.

This year we are offering CSA shares. Just like your food CSA, you pay up front for a variety of  products that are made throughout the season. Unlike your food CSA, you do not receive a basket every week. Instead, you will receive an herbal basket at the end of the growing season.

Buy a large share for $120 and receive:

  1. 4   1 oz Tinctures of your choice                  

  2. 4   1/2 oz Flower Essences of your choice

  3. 1   4 oz  Syrup of your choice

  4. 1   4 oz Herbal Elixir

  5. 2   2 oz Jars of Muscle Relaxing Massage Cream                                                          

  6. 2    1/4 oz Tins of Heal-All Salve                   

  7. 4  Heads of Garlic                                            

  8. 2 bags of loose-leaf herbal teas

  9. 1 large/2 small artemesia smudge sticks                                                                                                                        

  10. All for only $ 120  

  11. over a 10% discount


Buy a small share for $60 and receive:

  1. 2   1 oz Tinctures of your choice                         

  2. 2   1/2 oz Flower Essences of your choice   

  3. 1  2 oz Syrup of your choice   

  4. 1  2 oz Herbal Elixir                            

  5. 1    2 oz Jar of Muscle Relaxing Massage Cream                                            

  6. 1    1/4 oz Tin  of Heal-All Salve               

  7. 2  Heads of Garlic                   

  8. 1 bag of loose-leaf herbal teas

  9. 1 artemesia smudge stick


All for only $60

over a 10% discount

To order an Herbal CSA share, print this order form and mail it with a check made out to Rebecca Golden to 7 Frog Hill, Brattleboro, VT 05301. If you have any trouble printing the form from the website, please email us and we can send you a downloadable PDF copy.

For product details and information see product pages of this website.

herbal csa  order form

(mail-in orders)


Phone_______________________________________Email_____________________________________________     Address_______________________________________________________________________________________

I would like a ___ small share                       ___ large share

Delivery method: ____ I will pick it up at my participating CSA (CSA & pick-up day)________________________

                             ____ I will pick it up in West Brattleboro

                             ____ I am included an additional $15 for mail delivery

Choose  4 (large share) or 2 (small share) Tinctures: (you can choose 2 of the same)

___Anti-Viral                                                 ___Cold Ease                        ___Kids Cold Ease                   ___ Peace of Mind                 

___ Women’s Cycle Time Tonic                 ___ Toxin Tamer                     ___ Stress Relief                      ____ Breath Easy

___ Yarrow                                                    ___ St. Johns Wort                       ___ Holy Basil                        ___Echinacea

Choose 1 Syrups:___ Elderberry Syrup                                                 ___ Congestion Syrup                                                 ___ Cough Syrup    


Choose  4 (large share) or 2 (small share) Flower Essences: (you can choose 2 of the same)

___Bleeding Heart                       ___Bloodroot                         ____Borage                                ___Calendula                             ___Cinquefoil                                               ___.Dandelion                            ____Evening Primrose              ___Jump-Ups                             ___Milkweed..                          ___Morning Glory                     ____Motherwort                        ___Prickly Pear Cactus             ___Red Clover                            ___Self-Heal                           ____Spring Beauty                   ___Sugar Maple                       ___Trillium                                 ___Trout Lily                    ___Yarrow

You will also receive an Herbal Elixir, Muscle Relaxing Massage Cream, Heal-All Salve, Herbal Tea Blends, Smudge Sticks, and Garlic. (herbal tea blend and elixir flavors determined by what is abundant during growing season)

Return your order form, with money or a check made out to Rebecca Golden, to Rebecca Golden/Earth Angel Herbals, 7 Frog Hill, Brattleboro, VT, 05301. 


(802) 380-3304      7 Frog Hill, Brattleboro, VT 05301